Men's Basketball Recruits

Men's Basketball Recruits

2018 Bluefield State Men's Basketball Commits

We are excited to announce the additions to our roster:

6'4 Derek Brandon - from New Garden Friends will be a huge asset to our program coming in this year. Brandon is a winner and has a frame to play multiple positions on the court for us.

6'0 Marcus Neal - From Moravian Prep, Marcus is another winner that won a national championship at his prep school. We are pleased that Marcus will give us depth from an athletic stand point and will help tremendously on the defensive end of the floor.

6'0 Tony Hood - Tony is a former local standout in our area that will bring a side of maturity to our guard play this season. Tony is a prolific shooter and can see the court very well.

6'3 Teyon Henry - Teyon is a dynamic athlete who was a standout player at his previous school. Henry will be transferring from Bluefield College, where he made a huge impact for the Rams. Teyon will be an all-around combo guard for us and has aspirations to be a top player in our program.

6'9 Abraham Eze - Abe will bring something to the Big Blues that we haven't seen in years. He will be a force to be reckoned with in the paint and will shatter the glass for rebounds. Abe will be a presence that will clear space offensively and will clog the lane defensively.

6'4 Brandon Anyanwu - Brandon comes from California and an absolute bully as a guard and will add a lot fire power to our team. Brandon, coming from a Junior College will add a ton of experience to our roster and gives us another wing that can drive downhill to the basket.

6'3 Marquez Cooper Marquez is a very athletic shooter and lock down defender. He will become a more developed player here with us and will have a chance to have a great career as a Big Blue.

Coach Price has a very intriguing group coming in this season that he hopes to take his program to new levels. The goals I have for this season are far different than people would think and I like that. We have a chance to make history yet again here at BSC.