Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Bluefield State College

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Constitution and Bylaws

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Bluefield State College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to be known by Student-Athletes, coaches and administration as an organization connecting the three components of athletics. We will improve the image welfare and day-to-day life of all student athletes through activities, social events and community services.


  1. To streamline and promote efficient communication between the BSC Athletic department, Administration, faculty, and student-athlete population.
  2. To provide the student-athlete with an opportunity to effectively communicate with the athletic department and provide suggestions on topics designed to serve their needs.
    1. To suggest potential NCAA legislation.
    2. To solicit student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation.
  3. To build relations among all athletic teams, campus, and community.
    1. To promote a positive student-athlete image.
    2. To organize community service efforts.
  4. To create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus, conference-wide, and nationally.


Each athletic team shall provide at minimum 2 members from each sport to serve as a general representative on SAAC. Teams should aim to provide one upperclassman and one underclassman to encourage different perspectives and maintain continuity.  All candidates must been full-time undergraduate student-athletes at Bluefield State College and maintain academic eligibility.


  1. Attend all SAAC meetings and related events.
    1. Absences are excusable only in the following cases: Family emergencies and athletics competitions occurring during the scheduled meeting or extreme academic reasons.
    2. A written notice (email) explaining a missed SAAC meeting must be forwarded to the SAAC President and Sponsor before the meeting occurs.
    3. At the conclusion of a missed SAAC meeting, it is the responsibility of the absent member to contact a SAAC officer to discuss the agenda items that were covered during the meeting.
    4. Two unexcused absences are cause for dismissal
  2. Serve as a liaison between the member’s respective sport, committee, and athletics department.
  3. Each member will coordinate with their respective coach the appropriate time to address the team communicating SAAC information and updates.
  4. Serve on at least one standing sub-committee.
  5. Assist in the growth and development of SAAC.

Executive Board:

The BSC SAAC executive board will consist of one President, One Vice President, One Second-Vice President, one treasurer, and one secretary. One semester of SAAC membership is required to obtain an executive board position.


  1. Officers will be nominated at the second-to-last meeting and will be elected at the last meeting of the year.
  2. All officers shall serve a one-year term. Officers are eligible for one consecutive term re-election providing they will be a full time student-athlete for the entire year.
  3. Officers can only be elected if they have been a member of SAAC for at least one year.
  4. Two members of the executive board must attend the annual national SAAC conference.
  5. In the event of removal, resignation, or vacancy of the president, the Vice-President will move into the presidential position. The remaining executive board will vote on a new vice-president until the next official election.
  6. In the event of removal, resignation, or vacancy of any officer or committee chair, the executive board will vote on a replacement until the next official election.
  7. Impeachment of an elected officer can take place when two-thirds of the membership votes for impeachment. Two-thirds of the committee must be present for this to take place.                           



  1. Presides over and creates the agenda for executive board and monthly meetings
  2. Communicates all relevant information to officers and members
  3. Serves as a liaison and spokesperson to BSC Administration, Athletic Department and National SAAC
  4. Only votes in the event of a tie

Must be able to articulate previous leadership role, fundraising capabilities, and good communication skills. State three goals for term and strategies to achieve them.


  1. Presides over meetings when the president is absent.
    1. Exercises all functions of the president in absence of the president.
  2. Oversees subcommittees that may be formed as a response to the needs of SAAC.
  3. Advertises upcoming meetings and events to SAAC members and campus.
  4. Serves as voting member.
  5. Duties deemed necessary by president and SAAC sponsor.

Must be able to articulate previous roles as leader, and member of organization. Highlight previous organizational efforts.


  1. Tracks attendance of all meetings and events
  2. Records minutes for both executive board and general assembly meetings.
  3. Distributes minutes to SAAC Sponsor, FAR, and members within 48 hours of meeting.
  4. Assists Vice-President in event advertisement.
  5. Maintains SAAC calendar.

Must be able to articulate previous organizational effort. 


  1. Responsible to all financial transactions relating to SAAC.
  2. Responsible for deposits and payment of bills through athletics office.
  3. Provides budgetary report and updates at each SAAC meeting.

Must be able to articulate previous financial responsibilities.


The executive board will nominate subcommittees during the first meeting of each semester which the general assembly will vote on. The chairperson of each committee will be nominated during the committee signups and will then be voted on by members of each committee. Community service and fundraising are designated standing sub-committees.

Community Service Chair:

  1. Identifies, organizes, and executes at least two (2) community service events/initiatives per semester.
  2. Tracks and reports all community service activities and hours to the secretary and Helper- Helper.

Fundraising Chair:

  1. Identifies, organizes and executes at least two (2) fundraising events/initiatives per semester.
  2. Reports all events budgets and revenue to treasurer.


  1. There will be at least one executive board and one general assembly meeting every month.
    1. Special meetings may be called with 48 hours’ notice.
  2. Sub-committees will meet the week prior to events outside of general assembly.
  3. Meetings will be set for the academic year.
  4. All meetings will follow Robert’s rules of order.


  1. There will be two (2) voting members from each athletic team.
  2. A quorum shall be present for all official voting matters.
    1. The quorum is determines to be 51%.
  3. In voting, a majority shall consist of 51%.
  4. The SAAC Sponsor or FAR needs to be present for official voting.


  1. The constitution may be amended by a majority vote with a quorum present. Amendment proposals must be submitted to the committee at least one meeting in advance of voting so the membership may have time to consider the amendment proposal.
  2. If an amendment passes, it shall be written into the constitution and followed immediately.

This Committee will not discriminate upon race, age, sexual orientation, religion, sport, or any classification not noted.