Men's Cross County at the Hagan Stone Classic

Men's Cross County at the Hagan Stone Classic

Greensboro, NC— The Bluefield State Men's Cross Country Team finished 8th at the Hagan Stone Classic in Greensboro, NC.


As a team, the Big Blues finished with a time of 2:45:55 and a score of 203 for the 8K race. Sophomore Nathaniel Evans (pictured) led the way for the Big Blues where he finished 40th with a time of 30:39.1. Freshman Michael Hayworth III finished 47th with a time of 31:56.1.

Junior Jarod Brown finished 51st with a time of 32:45.5. Freshman Benjamin Helmandollar finished 60th with a time of 35:14.4. Freshman Justin Grimmette was right behind Helmandollar, finished 61st with a time of 35:27.2. Sophomore Chris McBride finished 66th with a time of 37:36.2.

Both, the Men's and Women's Cross Contry teams will compete on Oct. 9th at the Livingstone College Classic in Salisbury, NC.